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DA Project

Collective project - limited edition

(170 DArtbooks and 500 decks of playing cards)


Language: English !

ISBN: 979-10-29129-01-4
Size: A5, 100 color pages + color cover
Authors: 76 Deviant Artists

Translation: Kéroubino
Release: Autumn 2012
The DArtbook is the fruit of a whole year of work. 
The project began in summer 2011, with a thought wanderingin Poncho’s mind..."I like playing cards, but the deck I began designing years ago is still waiting unfinished... Wait a minute! I should start
a new deck, with friends! That could be fun!"

One year, several sleepless nights and hundreds of e-mails later,
a very special game was born.
We named our project: DA, Demons vs Angels.

Incidentally, those also are initials of DeviantArt, the online platform where the participants have a gallery and were recruited.

The idea was to create an artbook and a playing card game in order
to promote novice and also experienced artists from all over the world (even though we ended up with a fair proportion of frenchies ahah),
and that’s why some artbooks and decks of cards will be distributed
to professional publishers once printed.
Each artist picked up a card, and had a year to come up with
an illustration. The rules of the game are those of a battle between Demons and Angels. Consequently, all 76 original characters, were given angelic, demoniac and magical features, each card designed
by one of the 76 Deviant Artists participating in the project.


Deck of playing card:

HOW TO PLAY? RULES ​(click to download)
you can play with this game like a normal poker deck of card,
but you can also play with our special games below:


- The Empress (translation in progress!!)

- The Black Hole (soon)

COMMENT JOUER ? RÈGLES DU JEU (clickez pour télécharger)​​

Vous pouvez jouer à ce jeu comme avec un deck de carte
de poker traditionnel, mais vous pouvez aussi jouer à nos jeux spéciaux ci-dessous :

- L'Impératrice

- Le Trou Noir (prochainement)

Empress of Hearts: she is the master card of the LIGHT SIDE, the empress of all angels. She’s the higher classed because she govern paradise
Zero of Spades : also named X as an abnegation of the DARK SIDE he is the master card of the demons’ side. He’s at the bottom of the classification because he govern the doom, the hell, all demons underground
1 of Diamonds: «The Peacemaker» is an angelic card
which try to pacifiate the demons
13 of Clubs «The Troublemaker» is a demoniac card
which try to pervert the angels.
White cards: at the end of the deck there are 3 white cards,
they are here to give you the possibility of collecting some signs and dedications of the participating artists. You can also use them to note
a message on it if you want to make a gift to someone.

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